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May 30

Just a reminder that we only have monopolies on the definitions of identity terms insofar as they apply to ourselves. Nobody owns what it is to be queer/a dyke/a fag/trans*/genderqueer for all people everywhere. I’m seeing a lot of folks calling others out lately for “appropriating” these labels, but that claim implies that the person doing the calling-out is the sole arbitrator of what is appropriate and inappropriate usage of a label.

While it’s true that “words mean things” (the motto of the identity police) it’s also true that definitions hold power, and that to enforce your definition of an identity label on someone is thus an act of power. What makes your definition better than someone else’s? What makes it truer? Is it, perhaps, because your experience leads you to feel very strongly about it? What would it mean to acknowledge that other people might feel similarly about their own definitions?

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    gdi i use “words mean things” when telling people to stop saying stuff that supports the kyriarchy “ironically” or “just...
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    emphasis added. important questions for later reference.
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    Love this
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