a dire fawn

no cyborg of roboincubator born shall harm space macbeth

Apr 22

usernames i would really like to see (partial)

  • baeddel-religion
  • the-good-the-baeddel-and-the-ugly
  • carlsbaeddel-caverns
  • baeddel-bing-baeddel-boom
  • big-bad-baeddelborgs

at this point ‘femme’ mainly seems like a way for otherwise normative white cis women to claim gender variance. i love and support people of color, trans women, etc who claim femmeness but the category as a whole just feels totally distant from me.

Apr 21
waiting room chic

waiting room chic

Apr 20
the internet (it’s cool)

the internet (it’s cool)

Apr 19

this week has really kicked my ass

(the forehead hickie was unintentional)

Apr 18
dude look out

dude look out

Apr 17
trans lit: Cats Love It

trans lit: Cats Love It

when you are a dyke you will probably be someone’s first girl fuck and when you are trans you will probably be someone’s first trans fuck and when you are a trans dyke? you are responsible for showing someone what it is like not just to fuck girls but to fuck trans women and it is a lot of pressure.

and i mean we can joke about how haha it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it but like it actually can be, actually is sometimes when you have to walk someone through all their anxieties and apprehensions or even just honest misunderstandings.

like, you are kind of doing consultant work in a way and there’s sometimes this added pressure of being a Representative, of making sure that this person goes on to be a good lover to future trans dykes and it makes it pretty hard to stay present and actually come or whatever and anyone who does this kind of thing on a regular basis is a goddamned hero.

i had a dream that getting a cunt was an elaborate fetch quest like getting the biggoron’s sword in ocarina of time and i’d gotten to the point of having received a pre-sculpted but unattached one except then i didn’t know who i was supposed to take it to to get it actually put in me and i was like shit this thing is going to go bad and i’m going to have to start over from the beginning

Apr 15

any date where yr date isn’t grossed out by a discussion of the weird things you plan to put up in yr junk once you get surgery is a good date

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