a dire fawn

no cyborg of roboincubator born shall harm space macbeth

Jul 23

i’m reading this book about herbal medicine and the author talks about fungus and is like you can put some garlic in yr vagina, but if you don’t have a vag then you can just eat a lot of garlic too, in that language, not like, if yr a dude or whatever, and i don’t even know if she’s like consciously being trans inclusive but even just that kind of thing means a lot to me and wow my bar for being impressed is pretty low sometimes i guess

also i’m gonna put so much garlic in there you guys

netflix should let you search by frequency of tranny jokes

(not presence/absence because come on this is contemporary television we’re talking about)

Jul 22

maybe i’ll open this voice training folder i’ve had sitting in my dropbox for months when i get home and maybe i’ll go buy a padded bra that fits and maybe i’ll look into how much breast surgery costs or maybe i won’t do any of those things. it’s hard to make a push on any of them because it means thinking about and confronting trans stuff in a way i have more and more trouble doing lately when a lot of the time i can mostly forget it, except when the shitty old men in my neighborhood tell me i’m a man and threaten to rape me or when i freeze up and can’t engage with my partners’ bodies because they remind me of my own. i want to take these steps that’ll make me feel better in the long run probably but actually making the effort is hard



Jul 21

i’m so good at and accustomed to self-deprecating that whenever i accept that i’m doing cool stuff and living a rad life i immediately dissociate and feel like i’m just playing some part or like i have literal imposter syndrome where i’ve woken up and people are crediting me for things i have no real memory of having done. cool

i’m getting facetious feminization surgery so i can just look really sarcastic and hot 100% of the time

“breastforms? more like breastbores! gaffes? *laughs* binders and packers? *furiously masturbates*” queers

Jul 20

did u know: cis is an acronym for ‘comfortable in (own) skin’ and trans is an acronym for ‘takes/removes abductees’ nude skins’

Jul 19
i got my old stylist lancer to cut my hair again and i feel real cute about it!

i got my old stylist lancer to cut my hair again and i feel real cute about it!

maybe it’s because i’ve seen the shitty excesses of movement atheism firsthand but i can’t handle philosophy freshman level antitheism. like i get that a lot of queers have a lot of reasons to be upset about religion but fuck this shit is so boring

queers are just as bad about this whole ‘my beliefs rule and urs are dumb’ thing sometimes but we cloak it in like irony and shit. really often smacks of racism/classism too?

like lol i can’t believe u believe in sky god shit *goes back to casting spells and obsessing over crystals*

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